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Treatment / Hairdressing Prices

Innovation Unisex Hairdressing offer a full range of in-salon hair treatments.

Below you will find a list of our hair treatment prices. We accept all major debit cards. Gift vouchers are available.

Ladies’ Hairdressing

All prices start from the below prices.

Cut & blow dry – £49.00
Luxury Cut & blow dry – £65.00
Blow dry & finish – £29.00
Blow dry & GHD curls – £38.00
Wet cut – £39.00
Hair put-ups – £38.00
Restyle & finish – £55.00
Blow dry – after colour – £10.00
Fringe trim – £6.00

Gents Hairdressing

All prices start from the below price.

Wet cut – £28.00
Cut & finish – £30.00


All prices start from the below prices.

Wet cut up to 8 years old – £19.00
Wet cut 9 to 14 years old – £24.00
Cut and finish 9 to 14 years old – £29.00
15 to 16 years old – 15% off adult prices

Hair Colouring

All prices start from the below prices.

Re-growth (roots) – £49.00
Full head – £60.00
Regrowth (bleach plus toner) – £76.00
Two tone hi-light & colour – £72.00
Foils – Full head – Medium/Fine Hair – £94.00
Foils – Full head / Thick/long hair £100.00
Foils – half head / Thick/long hair – £84
Foils – half head Medium/Fine – £77.00
Foils – T section Thick/Long – £65.00
Foils – T Section Medium/Fine – £58.00
Balayage – £101.00
Permanent waving – £90.00
Technical work – £40.00 per hour
Toner – £20.00
Colour correction – £POA
Crown smoothing system – £POA

Hair Treatments

Keune masked treatment – £20.00
Bond Fusion – £25.00

Complimentary hair extension consultation also available, to booked online.

Hair colouring explained

Balayage gives your hair that perfect sun-kissed look and can go over any existing colour. During a balayage treatment, your chosen colour is hand painted onto your hair without the use of foil, highlighting or gently contrasting with the hair underneath. It’s a little more free-form than some other dyeing techniques, which means that it can look very natural and grows out well over time.
This popular service can be applied in different areas of your hair in different levels of coverage to create really distinct multi-tonal effects. Highlighting hair is a great way to emulate the way that your hair used to look back when you were a child with that sun kissed glossy effect.

Highlights can also enhance the appearance of volume in your hair or blend grey hairs, making you look and feel younger. This is why we have a full range of options to choose from.

All of our highlight services come both with and without further colouring treatments. 90% of our highlight clients have a bond fushion treatment to protect the integrity and health of their hair.

Full highlights are applied through all layers of your hair for full coverage that can be seen in every angle and hairstyle. If you want to go all in and make your hair much lighter, we also have the option for super full highlights. This is a popular option for anyone that would like the foils packed in or if you have an exceptional amount of dense hair.
Partial highlights are classically used to frame your face by bringing some brightness to the front section of your hair. Half highlights are applied only to the top layers to give a more natural look, covering the areas that the sun would naturally lighten in the summer.
When it comes to adding colour to grey hair, there are 2 main routes to go down: to blend and to cover.

Highlighting is the perfect way to disguise the grey hair if they are mixed in with a nice natural colour. If you have ‘too many’ greys then you will more than likely need a colour between the foils to ‘cover’. This is where we can create the perfect glossy natural looking hair that you deserve.

Hair toner can be used to finely adjust the colour of your hair to make it picture perfect.

Coloured hair can fade or change over time, or even a professional dye can require some further treatment to look exactly the way you want it to. Toner works to create precisely the level of warmth you would like in your hair to create the desired effect – whether it’s cooling brassy streaks or warming up ashy shades.

Gorgeous, long-lasting results.

Getting a regular blow-dry can make your hair look amazing for a day or three. Indulging in one of our hair treatments can leave it looking picture perfect for weeks on end!

Whether you’re looking to give some love to damaged hair, straighten your style, or add dazzling shine, we have the perfect solution in our range of hair treatments. Dry, frizzy hair is a thing of the past.

Frequent Questions

Do you specialise in curly hair?

Yes, we do. Kelly herself has curly hair and was trained by a curly-hair specialist at the beginning of her career

Are all your products vegan friendly and are you a vegan friendly salon?
Yes, all our products are vegan friendly. We transformed our services back in 2017 and have been a vegan friendly salon since then.

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